Real estate auction – for a better home

An inheritance that changed my life

My family (wife and 3 kids) is not of a wealthy background and so a lot of our lives have been spent on trying to make ends meet, Taking more than two jobs, late night shifts, paying taxes, etc. It all seemed as though we were getting caught up in this rat race of life. A steady income is very difficult to come by and we have had to go through a lot just so that we could have that proper meal or be able to pay the rent. Our families are quite close knit and they all try to pitch in and help us whenever they can. Recently, an uncle of mine passed away (May he rest in peace.) And in his will he gave us an old guest house by the lake. It was a nice area but the house was in need of repair and with our current financial issue it couldn’t be done. Fortunately, my wife came across a way to sell the guest house effectively. We called up a real estate agent.

The change

The man came and took a look at the house and reassured us that even though this would need some repairs it could be sold at a very good rate. He was a local so he knew the area quite well and also knew most of the residents here. He was an experienced agent and said that the best way to sell the house at a good rate was to sell it at the “perfect” price and then get the momentum rolling by getting multiple bids. He kept us informed at all times and we never felt that we were ever in the dark. We were at most of the open houses and many bids started to arise. In a few short weeks we were able to sell the place for a rate higher than the market price. This new found wealth gave us the required capital to buy other properties. Slowly but surely we started gaining a steady income. We currently live in a modest house (completely paid for) and also looking for more property. Life is going exceedingly well.