City Gate: Overview of the available facilities and amenities

City Gate in the past few months has reached a stature that no other development of equal magnitude has been able to reach in such a short period of time. People have quite literally been flocking to this place, because they find it fun, refreshing and a good place to settle down in. In short, this place has quite a lot going on for it right now.

city gate overview of the available facilities and amenities

The dilemma

But as they say, “With big power comes big responsibilities”. Pardon the cheesy lines, but getting back to the point at hand; what is the condition of the facilities provided by City Gate? Is it subpar, and only there to show off in order to gain more followers? Or is it really good, like it should be when it comes to the question of such a huge development?

Facilities (School, Transport etc…)

Well, the only methods of transport in this area is either via bus or by MRT. If you know a lot about City Gate Residences, then you will also know that the MRT stations are quite close to the main building. In fact, the biggest stations are only at a walking distance away from here. So, travel by MRT is really comfortable and fuss-free.
Riding by bus can get a bit messy. The reason being, there are only 4 buses available which make a stoppage here. So, as you can clearly see, the number of buses available is really less compared to MRT. This means you will really have to know the exact schedule of these buses if you want a comfortable ride.
The number of schools is also pretty less in this area. This might concern many parents, if they are looking to move in here on a permanent basis. Basically, there are a total of 3 schools in the nearby vicinity of this development: Stamford Primary School, St. Margaret’s School and Farrer Primary School.

The Overall Verdict

So, City Gate Residences is pretty industrial when it comes to the question of transport facilities and amenities.

  • A good facility of MRT transport
  • A decent Bus transport facility
  • Not a great number of schools, but enough to get good education
  • Important units like medicinal shops, doctor’s clinic etc., available locally.

In short, the facilities are efficient to say the least. It is not the best in the world, but it is good enough for a healthy living.